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The Challenge

There have been a lot of developments in the field of education when it comes to mobile applications and software and it is safe to say that the sector is going through a massive digital transformation that will completely change the outlook of education for the coming decades.
There is however one sector of the educational industry that has been overlooked - music teaching.
Mostly handled by writing down lessons on a piece of paper for students to take home without any central way of managing teaching or learning.
When you are first to solve a problem digitally, it is always a challenge and needs to be well executed because once you find that unserviced need, user acquisition can follow quickly as it did in the case of Sweetnote.

UX Design

After considering all the main features that would be required to digitise the teacher/student relationship we came to the conclusion that it would be best to separate Sweetnote into two apps, one for students and one for teachers.
From the teacher's side, the most important aspect was to have an easy way to manage your classroom that may consist of up to 70 students and allow you to easily communicate with them as well as set up and create lessons and videos for them to access.
For students, the application needed to be fun, motivating and make it easier to consistently practice with starting a lesson only 3 taps away after opening the app.

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UI Design

Music is all about creativity and expression and though the sweetnote app serves a very utilitarian purpose it still needed to showcase these elements to connect with the applications users.
Using gradients and rare colour mixtures as well as pairing imagery that relate to anything from classical music to rock and roll the Sweetnote app is both functional and creative at the same time

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project image
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Report of

The sweetnote app has been immensely well received by both teachers and students as is visible from the reviews of the app on the app stores.
User acquisition is snowballing and in reality has just begun, having proven its concept and that there is a huge need for Sweetnote out there we look forward to continuing to develop the app with the team at Sweetnote.

"Kode Technologies were Amazing building our App. To start off we did not know all the details of what we wanted, all we really had was a goal to better service our customers digitally. Kode worked with us helping us understand how we could do that via a mobile app, they explained in plain English what they would do and what they recommend. We are very happy with the app that was developed for us and would recommend Kode Technologies"
Richard Mander
Sweetnote Inc.