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    Powerwave Sports

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    Health & Fitness

The Challenge

Powerwave sports came to us initially looking for some minor updates to be done to an existing mobile application that was built on a hybrid platform 5 years earlier. After successfully implementing multiple features and the requests increasing in complexity it became apparent that to successfully carry out the evolution of the product roadmap required a total overhaul of the underlying technology.
The challenge came when we realised that the original application development company no longer existed and we had a limited set of documentation and code repositories to work with.
We needed to a total tech overhaul while making the journey from the old application to the new without hiccups for existing users

UX/UI Design

O desenvolvimento estava dentro do cronograma e progrediu sem contratempos. O aplicativo foi desenvolvido em seções com testes de controle de qualidade feitos no final de cada jornada do usuário e seção para garantir que funcione como deveria.
Depois que o desenvolvimento foi concluído, fizemos engenharia reversa do aplicativo existente e da base de usuários para garantir que nenhum dado fosse perdido no processo de migração.
After some experimentation with different styles we went with a distinctive darker theme for the overall application and created a stylish and uniquely branded user interface.


Development was right on schedule and progressed without hiccups. The application was developed in sections with QA testing done at the end of each user journey and section to ensure that it functions as it should.
Once development was completed we reverse engineered the existing application and the user base to ensure that no data would be lost in the process of migration.
The app launched on the scheduled date to the delight of existing users. In the first 3 months after launching the app, user acquisition was up gaining Powerwave 5000 new users as well as satisfaction of existing users improving

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Powerwave websites

Para acompanhar o novo e aprimorado estilo de aplicativo, criamos um site que se adequaria ao novo visual do aplicativo. Com um site que visa direcionar os visitantes para baixar o aplicativo, informando-os sobre os principais benefícios do Powerwave.

Watch App

Os aplicativos de fitness precisam ter suporte para dispositivos vestíveis para permitir que os usuários acompanhem seu progresso e desempenho.
Além de permitir que monitores de frequência cardíaca de terceiros se conectem ao aplicativo, criamos um aplicativo Apple Watch com uma interface de usuário elegante que inicia quando o usuário inicia um treino.
O aplicativo do relógio exibe o BPM do usuário, a zona de frequência cardíaca e os pontos MEO, além de ajustar a cor de fundo à frequência cardíaca do usuário para uma indicação visual do desempenho

"My experience with Kode Technologies was much better than I could have hoped. We came to them after having run into issues with our app that were stopping us from adding the features we wanted and hindering user acquisition, the team explained everything in plain english and were a tremendous support. We eventually decided to give PowerWave a full tech overhaul which Kode Technologies ran from scratch, our app now has an incredibly modern, user friendly and slick design and runs like a clock with advanced features that we could never have implemented without them - I am grateful for their help and continued support"
Jay Laville
Director, PowerWave Sport Limited