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The Challenge

Caadio is a hybrid medical/health and fitness application that is focused on recovery and peak performance.
The challenge is, there are not a lot of exiting examples out there that do the same thing so complicated algorithms and results need to be creatively displayed in easily readable graphs and insights or the app can easily become too data heavy and boring (for the lack of a better word) to the user

UX Design

When combining more than one core feature into one application you have to be very strategic in the way the user journeys and user experience is layed out.
With Caadio, the many benefits of the app are seamlessly intertwined to allow for easy insights and communications with coaches and doctors as well as giving the user the autonomy to analyse their own results in a comprehensive way.

UI Design

Implementing colour gradients and simple to read graphs as well as barometers and icons, we managed to stylishly lay out an application that could easily have drowned the user in datapoints.
With a user interface that is both looks stunning and walks the line between utility and art, Caadio is really one of a kind in its category.

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Caadio website &
Caadio Link

The Caadio app can be linked to a doctor or a performance coach using the Caadio link, a web based dashboard that makes it easy to manage your clients and ensure that they are recovering and performing as best they can every time they train or compete.
With such an application we needed to create a website that could display the benefits of the service at the same time as it directs users to download the application and not get them lost in the specifics

"My experience with Kode Technologies was much better than I could have hoped. We came to them after having run into issues with our app that were stopping us from adding the features we wanted and hindering user acquisition, the team explained everything in plain english and were a tremendous support. We eventually decided to give PowerWave a full tech overhaul which Kode Technologies ran from scratch, our app now has an incredibly modern, user friendly and slick design and runs like a clock with advanced features that we could never have implemented without them - I am grateful for their help and continued support"
R. Ciaff
Founder of Caadio